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In 2012, a California girl designing from Italian leather materials decided to launch her line under a notion of luck by naming it, Cornetti, which translates to “little bull horns”, a symbol that has been defined since ancient times by the Italian culture as one of luck.

All made by hand in Southern Italy, Cornetti sandals embody the imagery of the Mediterranean: leathered and colorful. Because the line has been designed to capture the spirit of the Southern Italian Sea, each style has taken on the name of its point of inspiration, a particular beach along the Amalfi coast.

As for their construction, the soles of all styles are made in Cuoio leather, with the variety between styles coming in the color and cut of the straps. The detail and quality in their make along with their feminine appearance renders them as a chic go-to for everyday wear.

Feel that wherever you are in the world, to walk in these sandals is to step both in the Italian air of luck and fashion.